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One of the questions we get asked the most is how to meet new people. While we do always share our best tips, we decided to go out and ask people in the street how they meet new people and what their best tips are to make new friends. In the video below we put together the best answers that we got, so feel free to share it with your friends who might need some good friendship advice.

Since we did talk with quite a few people, on and off camera, we also decided to put together this post, to make sure you get to read all the tips that we found out, so you can meet new people like a pro.

College and university were the most suggested places to meet new people. Both due to the fact that you spend a big part of your time there and also because you are surrounded by people who share the same passion for what you’re studying, college and university provide the best environment to find lots of likeminded people gathered together. If you have graduated already, taking up a class in something you are interested in or attending specialised seminars can create the same setup as university and be a good way to meet new people.


Another place where you spend a lot of time at is work, so you will have the chance to meet a lot of new people at your workplace. Chat during office hours or at lunch time and suggest grabbing a pint after work to get to know your colleagues better. Team building activities and days out also provide opportunities to find out more about your teammates and start new friendships.

An equally popular way to meet new people was through other friends and you can also take that a step further, by meeting your friends’ colleagues, so that you all expand your social circles and networks.

Pubs, bars and coffee shops were also popular places where you can meet new people, in these cases the advice given included talking to as many people as possible and being sociable, and we also found out that some of our interviewees had made friends in the women’s toilets by chatting with new people while waiting in line or when washing their hands and fixing their makeup in front of the mirror.

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A great place to meet new people according to most of the people we talked to is the park. Most people enjoy sitting and relaxing in the park both alone and with friends and they recommended it as a way to meet and talk with new people. It is even better if you are doing a specific activity while in the park, so that your new friends can join in. Playing football, walking your dog, rollerskating and riding your bike are all fun activities to do in the park to meet new people who are also into those hobbies.

Sports in general were a popular way to meet people; joining a sports club to feel part of a team and going to the gym help you find other people who are interested in fitness. On top of that, having friends to work out with keeps you motivated to exercise, as visiting the gym becomes a fun activity you do with your new friends.


Looking for special events and meetups is also a highly recommended way to meet new people. You can find groups based on your interests or your job and meet people at events designed specifically for people to get to know each other and make friends. Looking online for such groups is the best way to discover what is happening around your area. Citysocializer is a great place to find new people to go out with so you can easily join socials that are already created by our members and not have to worry about planning anything yourself.

Parties and raves were popular with people as places to meet new friends, as you can relax, have fun and see how you get along with the people you just met and if it all goes well you can arrange to go out again to other similar events. For people who might be more shy and prefer quiet places, libraries, art galleries and museums were popular choices to meet new friends at, as the subject of the gallery is already a fun and easy way to start a conversation.


Finally, most people agreed that when you do things you love and explore new places, you can talk with the other people who are there doing the same activities and as long as you’re friendly and respectful you can meet new people and make friends pretty much anywhere.

If you are looking to meet some new people and make new friends, check out the citysocializer socials in your area and book on anything that looks like fun. Just remember to go for things you truly enjoy and be yourself and the people who are like you will naturally gravitate towards you.


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