How to meet people in Manchester

Socializing Tips

You’re probably here because you want to meet people in Manchester. Well, we got you covered; meeting people and making friends is what we’re the experts of and we have some great tips for you below.

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We know going to a bar by yourself might feel a little bit awkward but the good thing about Manchester is that people are very friendly. Striking up a conversation with a stranger is very common so don’t hesitate to do that. To make things easier for you it’s best if you go to a pub to watch football or go to a live music event, as you will be there for an activity and it will provide a good topic to talk about when you meet people.

Sports Clubs

Joining a sports team is a great way to get fit and meet new people in Manchester. You can check out this list of sporting activities available from the Manchester City Council. Being part of a team can help create strong friendships because you are all doing something you love while learning to work together.


Online Friends

It’s very common for young people to look for new friends online, either by posting on websites like reddit and asking if anyone else is new and up for meeting people, or joining some that are specifically designed for those who want to meet people in Manchester. Citysocializer is your best option if you want to join something online but want to take it to the real world after, since the members create socials to meet up and go out in the city.


If you’re into gaming and want to meet people in Manchester to play games with, FanBoy3 is your answer. They run different gaming events every day from role playing evenings and board game nights to YuGiOh and other card game competitions.


Giving back to your community is a good way to meet people in Manchester and get to know your city better. You can find more information on Manchester Community Central and sign up as a volunteer. What’s more, you know that the friends you’re going to make through this are all about helping people, which is a quality you want in a friend.

What you should always remember when you want to meet new people is to be confident and show your personality. If you’re real and honest you’ll be making lots of new friends in no time. Living in Manchester is so much fun and it’s even better with friends. So, go out, pick a stranger and start a conversation.


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