How To Meet People In New York

Socializing Tips

One of the best things about New York is how many options you have when you want to meet new people. Depending on your interests and how you want to spend your free time, you can meet friends who want to do the same activities and hang out.


Relax by a pool and chat to people

Being by the poolside makes people happy and happy people are more sociable. The Empire Hotel Rooftop Poop Deck is the place to be to meet people in New York, catch some sun and relax. They also run special events you can attend and meet more people.

Join the Secret Science Club

A bit like a speakeasy, the Secret Science Club is amazing for people who like science and doing something different than just going to a bar. Essentially, it’s a science lecture, arts, and performance series taking place once a month at the Bell House in Brooklyn and you can either go with friends or alone and meet people there.

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Use the internet

 Meeting people online is very common nowadays and there are lots of apps available, both for friendship and dating. If you want to meet people in New York, citysocializer is a great way to find people online, chat a bit first and then attend one of the socials and go out to meet people in real life. The socials include after work drinks, picnics, visiting art galleries and going for dinner but everyone is free to create their own for anything they’d like to do.

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Giving back to the community is not only a great way to meet people in New York, but you also get to do something kind for others. The Bowery Mission has been serving homeless and hungry New Yorkers since 1879 and provides services that meet their immediate needs and transform their lives from poverty and hopelessness to hope. It’s a worthy cause and you know that when you meet people through that they have to be kind giving people, which also happen to make great friends.

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Take a class

Combine learning something new and meeting people in New York, to make sure you meet people you already have something in common with. By doing an activity together you can bond over it, help each other out and suggest going for dinner and drinks after the class is over to spend more time with your new friends.

The one thing you should remember when you want to meet people in New York and make friends is that New Yorkers like to bond over complaining about something together. So find a topic, late trains, too hot, too much traffic, and make a friend by complaining about it and making jokes. And if you want to join a social this weekend check out what socials are coming up in New York here.


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