The 5 Stages Of A CS Social – How Do Socials Work?

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We know that, when you haven’t been at a social before, it may seem kind of intimidating. What are you supposed to do? Who are the people who go? Will you have anything to say?

Well, we have been to so many socials that we can now tell you exactly how they work and break them down to 5 stages. Here it goes.

1. Getting to the Social

Yes, that has to be a stage in itself. From finding the venue to finding the people, there’s several things that we have in place to help you. In the social page you’ll find a map, where you can see the location of the venue and how to get there from where you are. Once you get to the venue, just ask the staff for the citysocializer table. They will point you the right direction, and, to make things even more obvious, our hosts even have signs with our logo put up so they are easier to spot. If all else fails, any experienced CS member knows that when someone seems to be hovering around the general area looking lost, they are most likely with us, so we go over and bring them to the table. Trust us, if you don’t find us, we’ll find you.

2. Meeting People

‘Hi’ usually works well at that stage, names do too. In case you need a little more help we have included a few usual questions that people ask, to help you get the conversation going. ‘Have you been on CS for long?’ is one of the most common questions people ask. Then you share experiences and recommend your favourite socials. It’s good fun and you learn a lot from other members and hosts. ‘What do you do?’ is another very common topic, but it’s also a hit or miss one because, while everyone has a job, there’s a lot of people who do not want to think about it after hours. If you want to talk about work ask during office hours.

3. Getting a drink

Drinks are a good way to loosen up and, surprisingly, a very good topic of conversation. From simply asking what the other people are drinking to being offered to try the strange cocktail picks your new friends made, talking about your drink is almost a must at a social. Besides, you can tell a lot about someone from their drink of choice.

4. Forming a group

By this point you should have met most if not every person in the social and started forming smaller groups, so you can actually have a decent conversation. Conversations can be about things you want to do (potential future socials), films, music, food (there’s something about people discussing food for hours that amazes us) or they can get a bit more personal. From talking about where you’re from and how you ended up in the city to what your dreams about the future are. What we have found is that if you are interested in something, there will always be someone who is interested in it too.

boat party

5. More drinks

A few drinks down the road, some of them bought by your new friends, you’ll be chatting away like you’ve known each other for years and giggling at the most random things. And that’s how you make new friends!


After the social, you can add you new friends on the site, send them a message and make sure to keep in touch. And since you now have the hang of it why not look for another social to go to? You are practically a social expert now anyway.

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