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You know that citysocializer is a great place to meet new people and make new friends, but did you know that you can use citysocializer to give back to your community and make a difference in your city? Over the years we have had a lot of members using citysocializer to get their friends together for good causes and do something for charity.


Charity Runs

Lots of people in the UK do charity runs such as Race For Life or competing in the local marathons and giving any money from their sponsors to charity. Members have used citysocializer to either meet other people already signed up to run at the same event or to get a group together and run at the event as a group, like Eleri did in Cardiff and Sian did in Bristol. Others have created socials to watch the runs, show their support to the runners and sponsor any of their friends who might be taking part.



Another way to raise money for charity and combine it with a social is to organise or arrange to meet up at a fundraiser. This way your ticket or part of the drinks profits on the night will go to charity and since you’d be spending that money anyway at any other drinks social, there’s no reason why you can’t pick one that will use that money to help people who need it. While it might not be the easiest thing to organise fundraisers from scratch, a lot of events are organised by charities already like this charity ball in Cardiff or  this fun Central London treasure hunt. On top of that around Red Nose Day lots of venues have chairy events on, like this Red Nose Rockaoke, so have a look when you are planning a social.


Collecting Clothes

A great idea we saw recently came from our London host Louisa. Luisa is a nurse and in her work she was aware that doctors often have to cut patients out of their clothes or treat homeless people who are always in need of new coats, jumpers, socks etc. So, back in February she organised a charitable drinks social, where every guest had to bring at least one piece of clothing they did not need any longer to donate to the hospital. When everybody was at the pub next to the hospital, Louisa popped over and gave all the donations to the grateful hospital staff.

Louisa’s next charitable drinks social will be on the 31st of May, so if you’re free and want to do something easy for charity while making a few new friends, come along.

If you have any other ideas of how to use citysocializer to help your favourite charity do let us know in the comments so we can help any such socials you create and make sure lots of members see them and book on.


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