Introducing Our Brand New Activity Feed


Hey guys, have we got news for you!

For the past few weeks the activity page has been live on the site and has totally got us hooked. We find ourselves going back to it all the time to check what’s new: socials, people, photos. The activity is a much better way to discover new socials and people on the site, and make the most out of the community, so as of today the Activity will be our main homepage!

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Why is the Activity page so great?

The new Activity page reflects the real activity of your city. You can see what your fellow members are up to, the most popular socials everyone is going to and the new ones as soon as they are created. You can also see which members have been growing their networks recently so you can check out their profiles and add them to your network too. Finally now all the photos you have been sharing from the socials you went to will be visible for everyone without them having to go to each social and look for them.

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What Activity will I see?

New Socials: All the new socials appear in the activity as soon as they are created.

Popular Socials: See which socials people have been joining the most and check them out.

Reviews: Find out how our previous socials went and read real opinions from other members just like you. After all you do know what’s good the best.

Photos: No need to look for the photos inside individual socials. As soon as someone uploads a photo from a social, you’ll see it right away in the activity.

Friend Connections: You want to see who the most active members in your city are? Just see who’s always adding new people and growing their network.


Whose Activity can I see?

At the moment there’s three types of Activity. Global activity will let you see what’s going on in all of our cities around the world. If you are a bit nosey or want some inspiration what socials to create this will be perfect for you. Local activity will only show you what people in your own city are up to. Great if you want to keep up to date with new socials and discover the popular ones right away. If you just want to see what your friends are up to, you can set your preference to your Network activity. It’s great for people with large networks who want to stay on top of everything.

Sounds interesting?

Check out our short demonstration on how to pick the best socials from the activity.

Can’t wait to on the site and and explore? Just log in and see for yourself!

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And just in case you were worried about the social list, it’s still there, under the Socials tab!

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