Joining VS Hosting Socials: Should You Take The Leap?

Socializing Tips

Hi there fellow socializer. You already love going to socials but you feel something is missing? Have you ever thought of hosting your own socials but are still hesitating? Here’s some quick tips to figure out if you should start hosting your own socials or just stick to joining the ones that are already there.

You Like Being In Control – Host

If you like having control over what to do and when, hosting is a better option. When it’s your social, it’s your rules and you can make sure you plan it for a day that’s convenient for you, at a place that’s easy to get to so you don’t have to worry about how to get home afterwards.

You Like Going With The Flow – Guest

If you’re not too fussed about what you are going to do as long as it’s a nice chance to get out of the house and hang out with some people, joining socials that are already up is the way to go. The people you are with are what matters more to you anyway.

You Have Unusual Interests – Host

Maybe you love a specific sport, activity or just have different interests from most of your friends. Hosting a social will help you find other people who like the same things or who would not have thought of trying that out before. While the pub is always the easiest choice that everyone will suggest, it takes a creative host to take everyone zorbing in fancy dress. If that’s something you would enjoy don’t hesitate posting it up.

You Don’t Know The City Very Well – Guest

If you’d like to spend more time finding out what your area has to offer have a look at the socials other people are creating and join them. Local knowledge is the best way to explore a new place and make great memories in the process. Soon enough you’ll know exactly what places you love.

You Always Keep Up With The New Trends – Host

If you always know about new restaurants, bars and special events in your city, you are the best person to give suggestions about where the group should go. Post it as a social to get some people with you when you go and share your expert knowledge with the other members

So? Do you think hosting would be a fun new thing to try next time or are you happy joining the socials that other members have created? Let us know in the comments!


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