The Official London VS NYC Smackdown

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These two major bastions of Western civilization finally go head to head. Both of them financial centers, diverse melting pots and world commerce leaders. But which is the most fun city, the one least likely to bore you to tears with finger sandwiches and 0-0 soccer games? This article will determine this once and for all, but we think you know the answer.

Tea Time vs. Happy Hour

Four o’clock tea and cucumber sammies? Forget that. It’s time for beer, liquor and something deep-fried. Nothing in moderation for America’s greatest city. NYC

Basketball vs. “Football”

The city game, as immortalized by Reed, Bradley, Walt Clyde, Ewing and Starks, is far superior to anything dreamt up by David Beckham. No hands equals no fun. Why would you watch a bunch of gelled-up club kids run around for two hours when you could watch magnificent athletes pull off acrobatic dunks and, you know, actually score from time to time? NYC


It’s Not Called The Wolf of Downing Street

As far as amoral, money-amassing crooks and their potential Hollywood juice go, New York’s financial sector is far superior. London needed to colonize nearly half the globe to raise the kind of fortune that a typical outlaw trader makes in a year. You don’t see the Marty Scorsese jumping across the pond to film the London Whale. NYC.


 All The City’s A Stage

New York may have the most theaters, with 420 to London’s 214, but London has, uh, William freaking Shakespeare. It’s not even a contest. Unless you consider the fact that the Bard’s show tune game was weak, so he never really had the soundtrack success that Rodgers and Hammerstein or Gershwin or Andrew Lloyd Webber had… who am I kidding? It’s William freaking Shakespeare. London.


Still, that is 3 to 1 for NYC.

U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!



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Kristine Tsiknaki

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  • UsedToEyeball

    There have their differences… I’m sure there’s something in NYC that London don’t have.. It’s not only about taking cabs and high buildings or the English .. it’s about the cool places and people to have fun with which I’m sure both cities have!

    • citysocializer

      Both cities have their fun places. But there is definitely a difference as to how people go about having fun and meeting new people. You just have to know where to look in each one :)

  • socialitegirl

    Well for me London is better than NYC, you do not have in NYC the beautiful buildings and history that London have, in NYC the buildings are so high that in summer you cant see the sun, the black caps drivers in London know where they go, in NYC cabbies dont know their way in the city, London got beautiful parks, West End definitely better than Broadway and the best the English Accent

    • citysocializer

      To be fair I like London better as well. ;)