Londoners resolve to prioritize socialising above saving in 2013

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A survey by CitySocialising, the UK’s leading online to offline social network, has revealed that Londoners are set to put their financial woes on the back burner as they resolve to make the most of their spare time in 2013.

For the first time since conducting the same survey back in 2010 it seems getting finances in order and saving money have dropped down on Londoners’ priorities – creeping into the bottom of the list with just 16% and 31% respectively.

When asked to name their top resolutions for this coming year, learning and relationship-oriented goals took precedence over financial ones, with respondents resolving to learn something new (37%), meet new people (64%), and find love (46%) at the top of the list for 2013.

The top 10 resolutions:

1. Make New Friends 64%

2. Find Love 46%

3. Learn something new 37%

4. Get fit 36%

5. Make more of your free time 35%

6. Save Money 31%

7. Get a new job 30%

8. Lose weight 28%

9. Sort out finances/debts 16%

10. Other 9% 

Sanchita Saha CEO and founder of citysocializer commented: “The results of this survey totally reflect the change in peoples attitudes and approach to living in 2013. Londoners have become tired about worrying about finances over the past two years and are resolving to achieve a more fulfilling and fun life away from work and money worries this year.

The fact that saving is such a low priority compared to 2012 may even suggest Londoners have given up on the dream of owning their homes and have decided to live in the moment as opposed to saving for tomorrow. We haven’t seen this sort of attitude towards finances since the pre-recession era.”

Unsurprisingly getting fit also featured in the top 5 list, with “making more of free time” another priority for busy Londoners. citysocializer which traditionally see’s it’s busiest period in January, this year expected another record breaking boxing day for new registrations to the site as people make an early start on their resolutions to meet new people.


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