London’s Best Healthy Food Joints

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Here at Zomato we love to indulge ourselves as much as the next person. Okay. Maybe a tiny bit more more… but we can’t help it, those burgers are just too damn tempting.

However, after stuffing our faces for a solid month over the festive season, we think January just might be the perfect time to start paying attention to a few of London’s healthier food joints.  Here’s a few of our favourite places you’ll want on your list.

Your first stop for healthy dining is The Grain Store at Kings Cross where a veg-focused menu offers a little bit of something for everyone: meat lovers, vegans and veggies unite at the table! A menu that changes for all seasons ensures delicious, healthy food all year round.


For something a little more spicy, head to Sagar in Covent Garden, Hammersmith or Fitzrovia, which serves up authentic south Indian cuisine that’s as kind to your wallet as it is to  your waistband. If Indian dining doesn’t sound like a healthy option to you,think again my friend. Their entire vegetarian menu, along with a separate menu for vegans and garlic / onion free food (IBS sufferers, I see you) will keep you covered.


Just down the road from Sagar’s Covent Garden branch is The Wildfood Café, a vegan and raw food paradise dedicated to making delicious food from organic ingredients, proving that vegan food need not be boring. Go here and order the chocolate cake if you’re craving a sweet treat without the guilt … not that we here at Zomato ever experience that …

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Next up is Vietnamese cuisine, which can offer some fantastic options if you’re after something light and nutritious. Head to Miss Chu over in Whitechapel for sashimi tuna, avocado and seaweed salad rice paper rolls while you sip on bottomless tea.  Oh. But good luck not ordering the tempting deep fried options. It’ll be a test of willpower.


For gym bunnies, Gyms Kitchen in Leyton and Gants Hill is the perfect lunch spot as it tells you the calories, fat, carb and protein content in every meal = no more fooling yourself. Take the latest copy of Men or Women’s Health to read and order an egg white omelet for the ultimate protein power meal.


Dining is all very well, but temping alcoholic beverages can ruin even the most stringent of detoxes. The Happenstance can be found just behind St Paul’s Cathedral and provides a range of cocktails for less than 100 calories each. Perfect. Just don’t have 10 in one evening.


However if you’re dead set on sticking to Dry January, you’re going to need to get down to Chelsea’s Juice Baby for a detox green smoothie. Give chia seeds a try, let leafy greens scream health at you or if you’re feeling hardcore, neck a wheatgrass shot.


These should pretty much cover your healthy dining needs for January. For more options and delicious temptations that will make you break the January diet check us out, over at Zomato.


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