Making Friends At Comic Con. DOs and DON’Ts

Excited for Comic Con? Looking forward to meeting all the new people who share the same interests, watch the same shows and love all your favourite characters? Brilliant! You are absolutely right, Comic Con is a great way to fine new people who share the same love for all your favourite shows. The best thing of all, it will be easy to spot them, since they will be dressed as their favourite characters!

Citysocializer is of course going to Comic Con and our lovely host Stu (you may see him as Aquaman) has created a social for Comic Con that you can now book on. To make things easy for you and make sure you do not hesitate to go up to people and talk to them, here are some tips to help you make the most of your Comic Con experience!

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Ask for a photo with characters you like

Taking photos at Comic Con is half the fun. Cosplayers love having their photo taken, especially since it’s a way to show how much you like their costume, which in most cases they will have put a lot of work in. Do not hesitate to ask to have your photo taken with any characters you like, they won’t mind and you’ll have some great photos to show off.

Compliment people’s cosplay making skills and ask questions

Making a cosplay can take anything between days, weeks or even months. letting someone know that you can tell they’ve put a lot of thought and hard work in their costume and it has paid off is a lovely thing to hear and encourages people to keep doing it. If you would like to know more details you can also ask about materials used, websites they ordered items from and different techniques.

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Let people know how much you love their character/show

Picking a character to cosplay in most cases means you either love the character or the show, usually both. If you see someone dressed as a character you love, letting them know how much you love it and what it means to you is a great way to connect with them. If you have any special memories to share, feel free to do so as well.

Ask their opinion of something from the show

A lot of tv shows and anime deal with serious topics that might cause a debate. Asking the cosplayer’s opinion on that debate can lead to some amazing conversations, especially if they answer as both what they personally think and what their character would say in that place. Comparing different version of the show (ie different representations of Batman and the Joker or animated vs live action Beauty and the Beast) are topics everyone will have an opinion on and you can discuss them for a while.

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Ask for cosplayers’ private phone numbers

While you might have a lovely conversation with someone and you might end up being friends, a lot of people are sceptical about giving out their phone number to strangers at a convention. If you would like to keep in touch win the future you can ask if they have an instagram profile you can follow, or an official page/contact email.

Touch people without permission

Most people will have no problem to have a hand around their waist for a photo or hug someone, but you still need to ask first. Everyone would like to hug a Stormtrooper, a giant Minion or Totoro but don’t surprise people by hugging them without them expecting it. In cases when you are both characters from the same show (a Disney princess meeting someone dressed as her prince) you can ask to take a photo that looks like you are a couple but not without making sure the other person is ok with it first.


Bother people who are eating, waiting for the toilet or visibly busy.

Comic Con is a full day of activities, so at some point people will have to take a break to have some food, use the bathroom etc. It is polite to let someone eat their food without being photographed and have a bathroom break without asking to have a photo in the toilet line. While some people will be ok with pausing, there is a good chance a few will mumble no with a half chewed piece of food in their mouth and go back to their meal. Just wait a few minutes and ask them later.

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There is a fun drinking game you can play at Comic Con with your group. Pick a popular character that many people will be dressed as (ie Harley Quinn or someone from Attack on Titan) and every time you see someone dresses as them you have to drink.

That’s it… now you’re ready for Comic Con! Make sure you book on our Comic Con Social and get your ticket and costume ready. See you there!



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