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Meet friends – Earn Badges: Announcing our newest feature


We are pleased to announce our newest feature: the citysocializer badges!

From now on, your activity on the site (creating and joining socials and adding new friends to your network) will count towards earning you shiny badges to display on your profile. The more things you do, the higher the level of your badges will be and you’ll also be able to distinguish all the other top rank citysocializers just by looking at them.

What kind of badges will you get? Glad you asked!

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The Party Starter badge can be unlocked by creating and hosting quality socials with five or more guests. This will also be replacing our old verified tick, so now, everyone can be a top host on the site. All you need to do is gather a group, go out and have fun.

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The Socializer badge will appear on your profile once you start going out to socials. The more socials you attend, the higher your rank. So put on your party shoes and prepare yourself to be out a lot. On citysocializer, having fun is rewarded!


The Networker badge is probably the easiest to get. All you need to do is grow your network, by adding new people and accepting friend requests. The bigger your network becomes, the higher your networker status.

What about my previous socials?

No worries, we have already taken into account the socials you have previously hosted and attended so you will receive all the badges you have earned for all your activity up to now.


Still here? Go on to the site, check out the badges you have already unlocked and earn some new ones!

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