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Meet the citysocializer Team: Ole, Head of Product


It’s that time again! I know that you’ve been waiting with baited breath since we introduced you to Phil, and here’s another handsome sophisticated gent that we boast to have here in our ranks. We took a few moments to have a chat with him, and found out his affinity with the sea and that posters of paintings are a non-starter for Ole.

What are your favourite activities?

Sailing and swimming – anything that includes water. I grew up in Denmark and being near the sea is the one thing I really miss living in London.

What would your last meal be?

Most likely something that will be fed me through a tube but if I could choose, I’d probably go with pickled herring.

Posters or paintings?

I am fine with either but don’t mix the two. Posters of paintings are boring and paintings of posters would just be silly.

What do you like to drink when you go out?

Negronis – best cocktail in the world. Fact!

What was your first social like?

Awkward. I had just started working for citysocializer and came along to one of Sanchita’s socials with my new colleagues. I was keen to understand the product to was trying to interview people about how they use citysocializer and bond with my new colleagues at the same time. I learned that if you just come along to meet new people you learn much more than if you show up as head of product.


Thanks Ole! We think you’re as cool as a cucumber.

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