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Meet the Team: Lead iPhone Developer Luigi


To let you into the secret world of citysocializer we’re introducing a shiny new set of posts featuring Q&As with each team member.

First up is Luigi, iPhone Developer extraordinaire:

And… To celebrate the thrilling occasion that is National Pasta Week, we’ve also asked Luigi to pose for his photo with some special props…

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Hey Luigi,

How long have you worked for cs?

Since the 3rd January 2012. First 3 months as a freelancer. Which makes a total of 22 months.

If you were given a million pounds what would you do with it?

Same life that I do right now. Just investing it in one of the thousands of ideas I’ve got in mind everyday.

Best Bar / Restaurant in London?

Round midnight, The Prospect of Whitby and others I was too drunk to remember the name of.

Loud or quiet?


Describe how you felt attending your first social and how it went (in a few short sentences):

Busy. Crowded. Loud music. Several drinks. Over talkative people, friendly well-dressed. Expensive bar, memory loss.

Thanks Luigi!

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