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Meet the team – our amazing CTO Julian!


Time for some inside scoop on the team here at citysocializer. Today I’m happy to introduce you to this lovely gentleman…

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Skills: guitar, piano, italian, irish and being awesome!

It is always a pleasure to work with Julian as he always knows how to fix every problem and create awesome new features to make you guys’ experience on our website as fun as possible. We asked him a few questions about his daily work and more.

Is there something that you have to fix often?

There are hundreds of messages being sent between members at any given time, which can make the site slow. I have to make sure all these messages and notifications go through without affecting the loading speed of the rest of the website.


If you could build any feature on citysocializer what would it be?

I would like to build a stream of photos from all the socials so anyone who goes on citysocializer can see how fun the socials are right away.

We definitely look forward to that one happening. Fingers crossed. What is your favourite page on the site at the moment?

My message thread with Kristine. We do a lot of testing so it is all test messages back and forth.

julian 01

What about your favourite foods?

I like broccoli. It’s full of nutrients so it is very good for you. Also bananas, espresso and brownies.

Today’s Julian ‘If in doubt’ quote (we are slowly making a list):

If in doubt, always apologise.

If you have any questions for Julian or want to pick which team member we should write about next, leave us a comment below or tweet us at @citysocializer.


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