Meeting people in Leeds is awesome, here’s why.

Fun Facts

Meeting people in Leeds is awesome. It wouldn’t be too much to say that the whole city is just designed for meeting people, from the open and friendly residents to the amazing things you’ll be doing. Having fun with new people will never be a problem in Leeds.

You’ll always have a great night out

People in Leeds love going out with their friends and having fun. You’ll think you’re going for ‘one drink’ and end up going home after too many drinks, several pubs and having danced all night to the best tunes.

Honesty is important

You’re going to find it refreshing having people actually say what they mean. People in Leeds will not beat around the bush and let you know what they’re thinking right in your face. Finally, some open communication.

The food will not be boring

If you love gravy on everything you’re in luck. If you don’t then you haven’t tried the right chip butty yet. Refer to our first point about the great night out and make sure you order one at the end of it.

The people are friendly and open

In Leeds you’ll end up having conversations any place you might find yourself in. Walking around town, having a coffee, waiting in a queue. Starting a conversation is fun and with all the new people you’ll meet you’re going to have lots of new friends in no time.

Meeting people in Leeds is a piece of cake indeed. And that piece might have gravy on it. And be chips instead of cake. But you’re going to love it. Besides, you can meet some new people in Leeds on citysocializer right away and test the theory.


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