Meeting people in New York is awesome, here’s why.

Socializing Tips

New York is a great city and its people are also pretty awesome too so meeting people here is the best. Here is why.

1. You can have a complaining buddy

New Yorkers love to complain and it’s very common to make a friend over complaining about the same thing. It’s great if you want to vent and get things off your chest without being judged.

2. New Yorkers love adventure

New Yorkers are always up for trying something new so you can depend on them to come to the newest restaurants, cool events, sports games and food markets.

3. You’ll never run out of conversation topics

New Yorkers can talk about anything and everything. Also everywhere. When you’re meeting people in New York you are guaranteed to always have things to talk about.

4. You’ll always find people like you

No matter what you like doing in your free time, you’ll find friends who are into it. Sports fans, music lovers, geeks, foodies, New Yorkers are extremely diverse.

5. New Yorkers always come up with exciting things

There’s a Jedi school and the International Quidditch Association there. What else can you possibly ask for?

Bonus: Spiderman and Captain America are from New York… Enough said.

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