Network of ‘flu friends’ could help, says health ministry


So a few of us at CS HQ have been struck by cold symptoms and with swine flu horror stories around we’ve decided to be cautious and quarantine the infected staff. Online business is fantastic in that way as with a laptop and a phone you can work from anywhere…. even from a flu-ridden bed.

Found this report from The Independent extolling the importance of friends when there’s a flu virus around. Here’s an extract:

“Britons who contract swine flu must establish a network of “flu friends” who can shop and collect medication on their behalf, new Government guidelines suggest.

Asking flu friends to pick up your prescription from a GP and do your shopping, rather than going out yourself if you feel ill, is one a key recommendations in a swine-flu leaflet being posted today to every home in Britain. It is the biggest health campaign of its kind since “Don’t Die of Ignorance” leaflets were distributed more than 20 years ago to combat the threat of Aids.

Do not go into your GP surgery or local accident and emergency department unless you are advised to do so or you are seriously ill, because you might spread the illness to others,” the leaflet says. “Ask a flu friend to go out for you.”

Do YOU know who your flu friends are? :)

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