Alex stands in the kitchen while Lucy and Beth sits

New Team Member: Alejandro Gomez


It’s that time again!

citysocializer’s staff are taking it in turns to be introduced to the viewing public and today we are presenting you with our newest member: Alejandro (or Alex to his friends!)

Already a hit with the ladies in the office Alex has show himself as quite the charmer. We asked him some questions and here are the results:

What is the Most Exciting thing that happened this week?

A robber man entered my home and we had a fight.

What’s the first CS social you hope to attend?

The first CS social I hope to attend is Drinks in Luigi’s House!

What is your favourite film?

Forrest Gump

What’s your party trick/ special talent?

My party trick… is secret.


Thanks Alex, maybe we’ll discover your party trick at Luigi’s House party!

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Victoria McDowell

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