No more access via Internet Explorer 8


Following the lead of some major services including Google, Twitter and Youtube, this week we also decided to stop supporting Internet Explorer 8.

At the time of writing, less than 4% of our users are accessing citysocializer using IE8. However, due mostly in part to the fact that at four years old, many of the technologies we’re using to develop our site have stopped supporting Internet Explorer 8 as well, we’ve found ourselves dedicating a dis-proportionate amount of time de-bugging issues for this browser over and over again.  This has meant that we’ve been unable to provide a consistent service for these users and without being able to commit to improving the situation the only solution for us is to stop supporting IE8 entirely.

Whilst we know it can be a bit inconvenient to update browsers, we’re hoping that most of the 4% do so that they can benefit from the improvements and new features that are planned for citysocializer in the coming months.

Google Chrome is the fastest and easiest browser to upgrade to and offers the best experience on citysocializer. But check out Browse Happy for links for the most secure versions of the latest browsers from all the major vendors (including IE9 and IE10). Internet Explorer 9 may be unavailable to Windows XP users, but the latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox are available to them and both support citysocializer and everything else you could ever hope to do on the Web!

We apologise to those IE8-ers affected but encourage you to stay with us as we prepare to release some exciting new stuff on citysocializer.

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