One in four people not looking forward to Christmas this year

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Dec 2009: As the festive season gets into swing, the latest findings from a nationwide study by CitySocialising, which questioned 2512 of its members from across the UK about Christmas, have revealed that:

• 61% of people are looking forward to Christmas this year, whilst just over one in five of us (23%) aren’t looking forward to the festive season at all. (17% neither).

• Interestingly, more women (25%) than men (21%) said that they weren’t looking forward to Christmas at all.

• Over half of people surveyed said that the thing they were looking forward to the most about Christmas was spending time with family and friends. 28% said they were looking forward to the parties and celebrations the most and just 4% said that presents were the thing they liked the most about Christmas.

• More men (58%) than women (50%) were looking forward to spending time with family and friends over Christmas the most, and more women (12%) than men (8%) were looking most forward to the food and the presents (women 5%; men 2%)!

• 54% of people said they would be spending less this Christmas because of the credit crunch, with more girls (57%) aiming to curb their spending during this period than guys (49%)

• Overall, the average person buys a total of 8 Christmas presents each year, with 35% spending £11 – £20 per present, 27% £12 – £30, 11% spending more than £50 and 11% spending less than £10 per present.

• Unsurprisingly, women were shown to buy an average of 10 Christmas presents compared to men’s average of 7 presents.

• Dads came off the worst in the gift stakes. When people were asked who they spent the most money on at Christmas, 23% said their partner, followed by 21% who will splash the most cash for their mum, compared to just 3% of people who said they’d be spending the most on their dad this Christmas. Even friends came off better, with 11% of those questioned saying they’d spend the most money on Christmas presents for their pals!

• Guys are more likely (19%) to spend the most money on their friends’ Xmas presents than girls (10%), whereas 26% of girls spoiled their mothers the most compared to just 14% of guys. Also, the results showed that girls were twice more likely than guys to spend the most on their father’s Christmas pressie.

Sanchita Saha, CEO & founder of CitySocialising said:

“Christmas can be a stressful and expensive time and economically it’s been a tough year, so I’m pleasantly surprised to see that such a large majority of people are looking forward to Christmas this year and that so many are going to be more careful with their spending. I feel sorry for fathers everywhere however, but glad to hear that at least girls will be spoiling their mums this Christmas!”


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