Pros and Cons of Socializing Outside Work

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A lot of people wonder if they should make friends with their colleagues and there are good arguments for both opinions, so we decided to put together the pros and cons of socializing outside work to help you navigate all the office happy hours you need.


You build stronger relationships with your colleagues. When you become friends with your colleagues you start feeling like you can depend on them the same way you do with the rest of your friends. They won’t just help you because they are paid to but because that’s what friends do.

Working with friends increases productivity. A lot of people find that working with friends increases their motivation because they feel like they share a common goal and encourage each other do do their best. That’s why companies invest on team building days to help their employees build stronger relationships.

You can expand your professional network. Networking is very important for your career and if you are friends with your colleagues they are more likely to want to introduce you to people in the same industry as you, who can benefit your career down the line.



Personal arguments can get in the way of work. Whether we like it or not sometimes we fight with our friends or we have disagreements with people on a personal level. If you happen to have an argument with your colleagues about something personal it may affect how you interact with each other at work until you sort the problem out.

It can damage your image and respectability. Depending you what you do, you might try to look professional, put together and create a certain image. Seeing you drunk at your work drinks can damage that image and make your colleagues respect you less. It’s best to be careful at the beginning until they know your work ethic and can be sure that your inner party animal stays at home when you go to the office.

People might use the friendship as a way to advance their career. Favouritism is not acceptable in the workplace and people might try to use your friendship to put themselves up the line for a promotion or get away with not performing as they should. You need to be clear that when you’re at work everyone is equal and there won’t be any special treatment for your friends over the rest of your colleagues.

We believe that the benefits of being friends with your colleagues are definitely worth it, as long as you can remain professional and impartial while you are at work and remember not to judge anyone by what they say after a couple of drinks. As long as you work with good people who love what they do and respect everyone around them, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t also make great friends to have.


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