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With Regatta season in full swing, here are some nifty dos and don’ts for your first time!

1. Ladies… Do not be tempted to turn up in Ascot-like headgear! Not only will you look ridiculous but they also block the view of people who actually want to watch the races

2. Do make sure you have a Pimms in your hand at all times- Remember, a healthy diet contains 5 portions of fruit or veg daily, so a minimum of 5 pints of Pimms a day is recommended.

3. Don’t forget the picnic! Most regattas take place in very idyllic settings, so whether you’re just bringing sausage rolls or caviar and the family silver grab yourself a patch of grass and make it your own

4. Do play games! My favourites include The Deckchair Challenge and Blazer Bingo

5. Don’t assume that if a rower caught a crab it’s not safe to swim in the water- Look it up!

6. Do bring a pair of binoculars… When the sun comes out, the muscles come out *Yes ladies, it’s all about big burly men in teeny tiny outfits*

7. Don’t forget to cheer for your favourite crew as they row past you!

8. Do remember the dress code for certain enclosures- It can be embarrassing (and expensive) when you have to go home to change or spend even more money at one of the clothing shops in town to ensure your attire fits the bill… Leave the onesies and miniskirts at home!

9. Don’t try to do too much — the regatta can be overwhelming for a first-time visitor with so much colour and spectacle to take in, so try to relax and pace yourself through the day.

10. Do watch some rowing! It’s very easy to slip into the social side of the regatta and ignore what’s happening on the river but look out for the international crews as the weekend approaches as it’s one of the few chances that the Great Britain crews get to compete in the UK, as autograph-hunters know all too well.

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