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Science Museum Lates, taking place every last Wednesday of the month, has been continuously one of the most popular events of the month for quite a while. We asked Stu, the host who brings it back every month to tell us more about it.

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Written by the host, Stu Hardy

Science is all around us, and can be responsible for amazing things; a great number of which can be seen at the Science Museum here in London. The only issue is that to go to the Science Museum usually you would have to be available during the day, put up with a bunch of kids that are not even your responsibility and be stuck on only water and soft drinks. That sounds pants to me. However, once a month, you can explore the world of science after hours, surrounded by people your own age while indulging in wine, beer, cider or spirits. This glorious night is the Science Museum Lates; a night of science with a brand new theme to explore every month.


The first thing you will notice on arrival is the queue – it’s HUGE! But don’t worry; it’s only because everyone has to get through the same double doors, so it goes down pretty quickly. I have been going to the SM Lates since August 2014 and hosting it as a monthly social on citysocializer since October 2014, so I know my way around. Once you make your way in, I’m usually waiting there with my citysocializer sign, introducing myself to people. As there are usually a fair few of us, I stay near the entrance until about 7:20pm and leave my contact information on the social page in case you are late or get lost.


Since there are a lot of things going on over the five floors of the Science Museum and there’s a lot of overlap, what has worked so far is that people can find what they want to see on the free maps and go off exploring in small groups. I also lead a group around the museum for those who are new to the Lates.


There is a new theme at the SML every month; previous Lates have included Food & Drink, Wearable Technology and Sexuality. The change in theme is one of the reasons I keep hosting this social every month; there’s always something new to do, learn about and explore! Plus, there’s always great company with all the citysocializer members showing up!

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On top of all this, there are some staples of the SML that are loved by all, especially me, like Talkeoke, an interactive talk show and the Flight Simulators, one of the only things you need to pay for. Once we have seen all the new things that they have brought for the month’s theme, we regroup at 9pm for the famous Silent Disco, a fantastic way to end the night all within the space exhibit. You are literally dancing underneath a rocket within a few yards of the Moon, well, a piece of it!


Whether you are new to London, want to expand your cultural mindset or looking for a great night out, you can have it all at the Science Museum Lates!

Keep an eye out on citysocializer every last Wednesday of the month. Our next SML social will be on July 29th.

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