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Written by Laura, co-host of the Monopoly Pub Crawl 

Think you know Monopoly? Think again!

Our Monopoly pub crawl invited the daring to visit all 26 properties on the board…in the form of London pubs! 25 brave citysocializer members had 12 hours to take on this epic meander around London with drinking, fun costumes and great pub gems along the way.


We started bright and early at a small pub on Old Kent Road, who were kind enough to lend us their street sign to pose with. The four hosts were out in force, with Laura as Ms Monopoly, Chrissy in a halo and wings for The Angel Islington property, Dawn as the Go To Jail prisoner, and Avril with a umbrella creatively decorated with Monopoly notes. Others preferred to keep a low profile and focus on the drinking, while some collected costume items along the way.


To make it even more exciting, each crawler was given a property card to pin to their tops as their ‘forfeit card’. When they hit the pub corresponding to their property, a shot was downed! We had also visited each pub to ask the bartender to sign the property square for their pub. This was our top prize, and we have to say, it looks absolutely great hung on the wall as a souvenir.


Top pubs visited included a Monopoly-themed pub in Angel called The Castle, a small, hidden gem of The Red Lion in Pall Mall, and the 400-year old journalist haunt The Cheshire Cheese on Fleet Street. We’ll definitely be going back to these on a future citysocializer social… We can’t say we had a relaxing pint, but we managed to make it to all 26 pubs and lived to tell to tale. We crashed at our final stop The Warwick where we spent the rest of the night on the dance floor.


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