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Socialize on the go with the citysocializer app.


We know how much our members love keeping in touch with all their citysocializer friends, so we made an app to make things easy and fun.


App socials screen

The first thing you see when you open up the app is the social list. Browse through all the socials on the site, have a look at the ones we have created for you ourselves here in the office or check out which ones your friends are going to.

social collage

Once you go inside a social you can see more information about it, the location the guestlist and you can access the Social Chat. There you can say hi to your fellow members, ask any questions you may have and post your photos from the social for everyone to see.


app collage profile

Your profile has all the information that you want to share with the community. You can say a bit about yourself, see your friends and keep track of your socials.

You can see that information about any other member by going on their profile and looking around.


app people screens

We’re all about our citysocializer community so we want to make it easy for you to find new friends on the app. Scroll through all the members, see who the new ones are and find out who is going out tonight. For our members who are a long way from home we have a special page where you can see members from your home country to make you feel a little bit more like home.


app msg and notification

A really helpful part of the app is that you can access your messages directly from the main menu. So send a friendly message to another member and get those conversations going!

You can see your notifications (friend requests, waves, social invites etc) at the top of your profile. This will make it easy to keep track of everything.


Well, now you know everything you need to get started with our app. Click the button below to download the citysocializer app and start going out today!


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