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Tech News: citysocializer employees have been replaced by robots


You may have read about Elon Musk’s new company, Neuralink, this week, aiming to merge our brain with an AI in order to boost our output and increase productivity. Imagine a world where you won’t be limited by how much your actual hands can do, rather, your thoughts would be automatically transmitted to a robot who will execute the task while you can do other things at the same time. No more wishing you could do multiple things at the same time. Now you can.

Well… the thing is…. we’ve already done it!

In fact, everybody on the team was replaced by robots earlier this year.

It all started as a fun team discussion over lunch, about what we would like for Christmas, where someone (it could have been me) said they wished they had a robot sitting here doing all the work while they could be out, having fun and hosting socials. So our founder thought, well why don’t we just do it?

Always one in favour of innovation and new technologies, Sanchita sat down with our developers and created the prototypes, according to each one’s abilities and job requirements. While we were not entirely sure how people would react to the robots sitting in our places, we are confident that now, after Elon Musk’s announcement, people will be more open to the idea.

So, with great pleasure, we would like to introduce you the team robots.

The Sanchitabot


As founder and CEO, Sanchita has to not only be on top of the usual day to day business management, but also be able to speak with partners in person and on the phone and always be ready to be out and about at multiple meetings. The Sanchitabot is therefore equipped with everything it needs to attend meeting and interact with partners, from voice recognition and the ability to read text aloud, to a camera that can be used to record real life conversations and transmit them online straight to her email.

The Zackbot


Zack is in charge of a lot of product developments and has to manage a lot of different aspects to keep the site not only just going but also moving ahead of the competition. The Zackbot is designed to constantly monitor the web for new technological developments to implement on citysocializer and is constantly connected with the Marcinbot, the Tirubot and the Pierbot, making sure everything is always being updated and improved, while Zack can use the time to make strategic decisions having easily acquired all the necessary information..

The Kristinebot


Kristine is mainly in charge of tasks that require sitting in front of a computer a lot. As a result the Kristinebot directs all its power to its arms, hands and fingers, to interact with a computer. While Kristine herself can go for a walk and get inspired to create new socials, visuals, blog posts and marketing campaigns, the Kristinebot sits in front of the computer, typing up all the ideas and sending the campaigns. Due to this advanced neural connection, Kristine can be at the pub hosting a social, while the Kristinebot is creating 10 more socials back in the office.

The Pierbot


Another creative robot, the Pierbot is responsible for scanning the internet for new web and app design innovations and also translating Pier’s visual ideas into PSD files ready for development. Since creating a new web page would normally take quite some time to go from idea to design, the Pierbot was created to work at extra high speeds, so that new designs get created in practically no time and new ideas can be implemented instantly.

The Marcinbot & The Tirubot


Being citysocializer’s developers, Marcin and Tiru create everything you see on the website and the app. This time particularly focusing on processing power and speed, these two robots can constantly monitor the system across all platforms and devices to catch new bugs as soon as they happen and fix them. While Marcin and Tiru can work on how to best solve new issues and build new pages and functionalities, their robots write the code in seconds and a variety of ideas can be tested quickly and efficiently.

So there you have it. Our lovely robot family here on citysocializer, making sure everything in running smoothly and as best as it can. We have also had some requests from hosts who would like to have their own SocialBots, making it possible for them to host multiple socials at the same time, or sometimes just covering for them if something comes up last minute. The selection of which hosts will have their own SocialBots first will be based on the number of socials that host has hosted and the number of guests those socials attract.

If you would like to know more about any of the team robots, or are interested in preordering some official merchandise please leave a comment below. Each of the team robots will have its own plush toy, tshirt, mug and signed poster.

For more information and to check if there’s anything fun happening near you, just log into the citysocializer website.


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