The 6 Best Things About Going Out with Office Friends

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Being friends with your coworkers and is brilliant and going out with them can be the best. Here’s why.

1. You’re already together to there’s no extra travel.

Forget travelling after work to meet with friends for drinks. Your colleagues are with you already so you just need to find the closest pub and you’re done.

2. When you talk about work they get it.

Your other friends have no idea what you’re talking about when you talk about what happened at work. Your colleagues will know exactly what you’re talking about and will also have an opinion on it.

3. You already know each other well because you spend all day together.

Most friendships take a long time to build because you need time to get to know each other. However, you already spend 8 hours a day with your coworkers so they know you very well already.

4. You get to talk about non work stuff.

Discussing the latest movies with your colleagues is fun but you can’t always do that during office hours. Going for a drink after work gives you the chance to talk about your interests all you want.

5. You get to know colleagues you don’t get to talk to in the office.

If you work in a big company you might not be able to talk with everyone who works with you. After work drinks give you the opportunity to get to know those people better.

6. You can show more of your personality.

A lot of times people assume a very professional attitude at the office that might not be the way they behave with their friends. Unless you go out after work you may never know who tells the best jokes or loves singing along to every song. And if that person is you, your colleagues need to know too.

Becoming friends with your colleagues can also increase your productivity at work so if you’re not currently going out after work you might want to suggest some after work drinks asap.


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