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You know how you ask your family and friends what they want for Christmas but they all say make it a surprise and that is never helpful? As part of our Christmas survey that we used for the creation of our Christmas infographic we asked you what you would like to receive as presents for Christmas. We thought it would be a great idea to use all your answers and make a gift guide that you can use when shopping for items for your loved ones, as these are presents our members have told us they actually want.


1. Beauty Products


Women love beauty products and they usually have a lot of them already, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t happily receive some more. Perfume is usually something girls prefer receiving as a gift and a nice hamper of bath products from Bath & Body Works or Lush will also be a favourite.

2. Expensive Bag


A nice bag can be a staple item for a woman and getting an expensive one from a quality brand will surely make a girl happy. Example brands include Aspinal of London, Mulberry and Anya Hindmarch.

3. Kitchen Items


If you know a girl who loves cooking or baking getting her some fancy items for her kitchen can be a great idea. Personalised kitchen items from, different baking trays and trinkets from lakeland are a great starting point. A cupcake maker or a cotton candy maker will be beyond awesome.

4. Craft Supplies


If the women in your life are creative and have some free time, getting them some acrylic paints or other craft supplies may result in them taking up a new fun hobby and they will have you to thank for it. If they already love art then this will be an absolute favourite.


1. Expensive Watch


A nice watch was at the top of men’s preferences, with favourite brands being Tag Heuer and Rolex. In general go for a stylish watch that says ‘I’m a man with good taste who knows what he wants’ and you should be all right.

2. Means of Transport


We are not sure this is a very realistic present unless you are making a lot of money and are buying for a close family member but some men would love a new set of wheels, from a 500 cc scooter to a beautiful Aston Martin. Let’s hope these guys have been very nice this year.

3. Clothes


While a lot of the guys in the survey admitted they did not own a christmas jumper, a some of them said they would like to get one as a gift but other clothing items that they can wear all year round are also welcome. Pants with funny prints were also requested so we are assuming men will most likely wear whatever you buy them.


1. Small Trips


Spending some time away relaxing or going for an adventure has been popular with both men and women. Ideas include a weekend at a nice english country village or a trip to LA. Alternatively a day trip somewhere near where you live or a spa day are also fun and do not require an overnight stay or any hotel bookings.

2. Cool gadgets


Most of the men on citysocializer asked for new gadgets either in general or going into specifics like a new camera or an ipad pro, while women went for more upmarket electronics like a new tv, a new iphone or a nutribullet to make fancy smoothies.

3. Experience Days


Be it a fun perfume making class, wine tastings, a 4 course meal at a michelin star restaurant even even a supercar experience, trying out something new is popular with both men and women. If you want you can even look for experiences for two so you get to join your friend and do something fun together. Consider it a mini gift for yourself as well.

4. Theatre Vouchers


Most people love a good play but it is usually an expensive treat so not always something you can do often. Receiving a ticket or even some discount vouchers for a West End play will make any theatre goer happy.

Hopefully you now have a better idea about what to get your friends. Just remember that any gift, if given with love, will make the person who receives it happy. Happy gifting!


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