The first citysocializer baby!! (That we know of)

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Well it had to happen at some point and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple! Hapi and Neil are both members of the London network of citysocializer and they are having a baby – in 5 months!! They already moved in and got engaged a while ago so it’s all above board ;)

I actually met Hapi and Neil in the very early days of setting up citysocializer – but the spooky thing is that they are the only two people that I know of that joined citysocializer through hearing an interview that I did on BBC London with Jono Coleman.

A week after the interview, Neil came along to a drinks Social. Then one Sunday afternoon, a month or so later, a very nervous Hapi walked through the doors of the pub for a Tate Britain trip, and said that although she’d heard the interview she had ummed and ahhed about joining for a while. But a few months later, Hapi went on to host some of her own London Socials (which is seriously THE best way to meet and get to know the most people) and ended up getting together with Neil and the rest is history…. I bet she’s glad she came down now!

Hapi has promised to send a photo once the baby’s here so will share here in 5 months. In the meantime, the citysocializer team wish them both the best of luck!

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