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The inside track on being a citysocializer host

Tips for Hosts

Whether it’s that person who first reaches out to welcome you on board, the friendly face who’s arrived at the venue early to grab a table or the organised one who’s looking for a gig buddy (or 10) to join them for the hottest ticket in town, our hosts tend to be some of the most outgoing people we have in our community and love to discover new things with new people.

But who are the people who are organising these socials, the trusted ambassadors of the citysocializer brand and why do they do it?

We caught up with our hosts recently to find out what it was that motivated them to get involved with citysocializer beyond the free membership we offer to everyone who joins the team, and what they really get out of hosting for citysocializer.

What we found was that the most important aspect of hosting for many is to feel part of something, and have a big influence in their community – whether this is welcoming new people to their city, introducing others to their favourite venues (or new ones that they want to check out) or doing the things they love with likeminded people. There’s a real sense of satisfaction and good feeling of playing a role in local community and helping others live the most active socials life they possibly can.

Others say they like improving their organisational and management skills, plus hosting for citysocializer is a real bonus to put on their cv/Linked In profile so as they get a jobs boost from simply going out and having a good time.

It’s our hosts that really make the offline citysocializer experience what it is for new and old members, and as well as well as regular host get togethers, we’re going to be rolling out a number of new incentives and competitions geared towards rewarding and recognising our best hosts who are helping play a major part in the future direction of citysocializer.

We’re always looking for quality people to come on board with some great ideas for top days or nights out, so if you feel you could host 2 socials a month and fancy being part of it all, just email for more info and we’ll be in touch.

Hope to see you out soon


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