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We have great news. The Mingles are back due to popular demand. The first few new Mingles already took place in October across the country and were quite successful.


What is a Mingle?

Mingles are flagship citysocializer events, that happen every couple of months and bring the community together. We book a nice venue, get you guys welcome drinks, photo props and think of fun new activities to make each mingle special. It’s a great chance to see all the great people you have met on CS and party with them at an exclusive event.


What are the Mingles like?

Fun! But to be more specific, have a look at some photos from the September and October Mingles… A photo is worth 1000 words after all!


Our founder Sanchita with Richard, one of our Newcastle hosts who came to the Leeds Mingle. He even put up a social to drive more people with him


Making new friends at the Manchester Mingle


Having some cocktails in Newcastle


This is the life in Cardiff


Fun with the photo props in Leeds (they picked those ones on their own) 


Happy smiles from new Manchester friends


Group photos with the Newcastle crowd

This is why we love the Mingles!

The Mingles in Leeds and Manchester were a great chance for us here in the office to visit some other cities and meet some great new friends up north. It was even more amazing to see that our members went to Mingles in multiple cities as well. We had people from Newcastle come to Leeds and people from Leeds came to Manchester. And after seeing what the Mingles were like we completely understand why.


When are the next Mingles?

Glad you asked! Our next Mingles will be our Xmas Mingles; expect secret santa gift exchanges, prizes for the best outfits and more surprises. Just click on your nearest city to book onto the social.


See all the photos on the citysocializer facebook page.


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