The Quirkiest Things To Do In Leeds

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Leeds is a great place to live with lots of unexpected fun and quirky things to do. Here are some of our favourites.

Take a Leap of Faith

Yes, literally. You climb up a 20 foot pole and jump off it. Despite the fact that you’re tied with wires it’s still not for the faint hearted.

Hunt for ghosts

Simply Ghost Nights organise spooky nights in Leeds’s most haunted locations where you can hunt for ghosts and even have a seance or a sleep over if you’re brave enough.

Shoot lasers

iCombat offers a great tactical laser game for adults, where you can compete with your friends over who gets the most kills. It’s great if you like paintball but would prefer to skip the pain.


Feed penguins

If you love animals take the opportunity to feed the Humboldt penguins of Harewood House their favourite fish. They are so adorable you won’t regret it.

Ride a hot air balloon

Starting off at Temple Newsam, you get to fly over Leeds and the surrounding countryside while enjoying a glass of champagne.

Watch great plays and pay what you feel like

Going to the theatre doesn’t have to break the bank. The¬†Holbeck Underground Ballroom offers all its plays on a pay what you want basis and gives local theatre groups the opportunity to put on their projects. There’s also free coffee and very cheap beer.

Take a belly dancing class

try something unexpected. Take a belly dancing class at the Dance Studio. It’s not only fun but also great exercise.

We hope you enjoy these quirky things to do in Leeds and you spice up your routine from just drinks at your local. Remember that if you need someone to come along to any of the above activities you can always post it as a social on citysocializer.


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