The quirkiest things to do in Manchester

Things to do

Manchester is a magnificent city with lots of things to do. While you may just think of pubs and live music you’ll be surprised to know there are many quirky things to do you didn’t know of. Here are our top picks.

Attempt an escape room

Do you have what it takes to solve the puzzles and escape the locked room in 60 minutes? Head over to Breakout and find out.

Go to the Washhouse

No actual clothes washing available. Instead you find the secret door behind one of the washing machines and step into a secret bar with amazing cocktails. Better than laundry…

Enter a beer pong tournament

Every Wednesday Crazy Pedro’s hosts a beer pong tournament and it’s the best place to test your skills and have cheap drinks. What else could you ask for?

woman versus man playing beer pong under cloudy sky

Try axe throwing

It’s the latest trend and it’s fun. You can find Whistle Punks Axe Throwing at the Great Northern Warehouse.

Relax in a spa infinity pool

The King Street Townhouse Hotel has a lovely infinity pool available to guests and members of the public visiting the spa for a treatment. So, give yourself a pamper day, relax at the spa and then soak in the pool with a great view of the city.

Play mini golf

It’s always a fun night when you go to play games with your friends and mini golf is one of those games that get harder and more fun the more you drink. Just saying.. Have a look at Junkyard Golf Club and see for yourself.

See? You night out with friends can be so much more than drinking at your local (not that we don’t love that too). Spice up your routine and try something new next time you go out. Besides, any of the above are great for a citysocializer social, to break the ice and get to know some new friends.


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