The Secret Behind Successful Events

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Creating an event may be just as easy as picking a date, a time and a place but there is a little more magic behind turning your average run down the pub to a successful event, even more a series of successful events which are going to be popular with people over longer periods of time. Seeing as there are close to a thousand socials created on citysocializer every month for the past few years, we have definitely gained some expertise on the matter and would like to share the secret – or rather the C-cret – with you, as there are a few C words that will help you succeed.



We live in a world that is over-saturated with new events, places to go and things to do. New popups pop up every week and event organisers go constantly out do themselves. While we do not necessarily insist that you need a never before seen idea, you should start thinking about your niche. Starting from your average drinks night and working up, there are lots of simple ways to spice up your after work drinks to create something new and fun that you enjoy. Finding your niche will make it easier to attract people with similar interests to you.



Creating an event does not stop the moment you post it. On the contrary, your commitment to that event is going to show through in the days leading up to it. Find any additional information that might be helpful and plan ahead how you want the night to go. For example, when creating a pub crawl, make sure you are aware of the timing, how long you spend in each bar and when you need to leave. Allow time to meet for predrinks before a special event so that you can gather everyone at a smaller place and make sure that any complimentary drinks are served after all guests arrive but before they get too drunk on their own. Time spent planning in advance is time saved on the night.



All your careful planning will not go far if you do not communicate all the information with your guests. Share the plan with them to cover the practical side of the event but also get them excited. Let your guests know what to expect and ask for feedback and input when possible. When we host the Science Museum Lates we tend to share a few activities we will be doing on the night and leave time for a few more that the guests can decide on together. On the night there is a clear plan everyone knows and if there are any further questions you are there to answer. This will make your guests feel more assured because someone is charge but also know that the event is tailored to what they want and someone has their back.



Confidence plays an important role throughout the process of creating and hosting an event. You have to be bold enough to do what you want to do and confident that the people who join you did so because they really like that same thing too. Think of your ideal event and do that without caring about what the norm is. Do you want to try something experimental? Do it. Even if most people usually just go down the pub. We went to try vaporised cocktails in October at the Bompass and Parr installation and it was great. When you are at your event do not be afraid to lead. Tell the guests when you are moving from one venue to the next, take them from the dance class taster to the restaurant next door for some food because you got hungry from dancing. Chances are they want food too but if you stand outside without making a decision they will go home.



Creating an event may be a bit of a challenge sometimes but it has to be a labour of love. It is vital that you care about your event and want it to be a success. From following the above directions to making sure your guests are having a good time on the night, when you visibly care about your event it shows. So care about your event as much as possible and enjoy it. Your energy on the night can be contagious and spread through your guests. Do something fun and show them how great it is. Encourage them to let loose, dance like crazy, take silly photos, challenge their intellect and invite them to explore something new. Go all in and you are guaranteed to have great results.



You can not have too much of a good thing, right? We are not suggesting to have a wild party every night, but to make sure that you still have one regularly. Museum Lates are at the end of each month, while the citysocializer book group meets at the start of the month, there is karaoke on most Thursdays and Heather’s girls drinks at least a few times per week. Depending on the type of it you can select how often your event should happen and be consistent with it. Give your guests enough time to prepare and plan ahead but not too much to forget about it. On the day of your event try to know when the next one is going to be, or even better, already have it up and ready for people to join. Satisfied guests will join the next one right away and spread the word about the one they went to to new people so make sure you have something to offer exactly when people are asking for it.



Several events in, you will find that you are creating a core group of regulars, a community. This is great because it means that you can always rely on some people who will come to your events and get the hype going. This will also establish you as the authority of a specific type of event in the wider circle of party goers. After about a year of hosting and attending fancy dress events and masquerade balls almost every month (some people have beat her to the same event a few times) Kristine is now the go to person to ask about fancy dress. Usual questions extend beyond the date of the next event to advice about what outfits to wear and where to shop for them. At the same time the Walkabout karaoke on Thursdays will 90% of the time have RobCV, Jason, Zoe, Kristine and Ashwin in the guest list. Knowing there are certain people you can always rely on to join you and they love the same things just as much is the first step to creating some great long term friendships too.


In general, when creating an event, just remember to create an event you would like to go to. Be the change you want to see and other things along those lines. When you do what you love, others will love what you do.


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