The Secret To Making Friends In a New City

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Making friends in a new city can be easier than you may think. All you need is to know the secret and for that you just need to keep reading because we’ll tell you exactly what to do. After all, we are the experts in making friends here at citysocializer.

1. Say YES to every invitation

Don’t miss out on any opportunities to meet new people. No matter what anyone suggests doing, go. Maybe it’s not your favourite activity but it’s going to be full of people you may have lots of other things in common with. Plus the person who invited you in the first place can introduce you to their friends and you can go from knowing one person to knowing 10 just after one night out.

2. Get out of the house on your own

Be proactive and don’t wait for someone else to invite you when you feel like going out. Go to coffee shops, pubs even walk around the city by yourself and try to start chatting with people. You can use the fact that you’re new to ask for recommendations as a conversation starter.


3. Re-connect with old friends and acquaintances

You know that friend from college you haven’t seen in years? Facebook says they’ve also moved to the same city so drop them a message. You knew each other once so chances are you can be friends again. Besides, they’ve been in your shoes before so they can give you more tips about the city and introduce you to some people they know too.

4.  Meet your friends’ friends

Ask your current friends if they know anyone living in the city you just moved to. Most people have friends in different locations and chances are they’ll be up for grabbing a coffee with you to welcome you to the city. Use that to get to know them better and see if they can become your friends too.

5. Chase up every connection you make

Making new friends requires some effort on your part and you need to put the time in. Follow up with everyone you meet and try to arrange going out again as soon as possible. Suggest things to do and find out what their plans are and if you can join them. Make sure you become part of the group by adding them on social media and interact with them online and offline.

If you follow these tips you will make lots of new friends fast and have a great time in your new city. You can also download citysocializer and join socials with other people who are new to town, quickly and easily. Just remember to follow the tips above to follow up and nurture your new friendships.


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