CitySocialisings’ Guide to The UK’s Most Magical Fireworks Displays

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Here in the UK we’re not exactly spoilt for national festivals, so when we get the opportunity to party in the streets we certainly like to do it in style. It’s been a good year for fireworks what with the Olympics and the Jubilee this year, but we’re not done yet. The mother of all celebrations involving fireworks is coming your way this weekend – Bonfire Night!

Not only is Bonfire Night a fantastic, atmospheric experience, it’s also a great way to get people together. Why not organise a Social around a local event? You could meet in a nearby pub for a few drinks, wonder over and check out the fireworks then reassemble somewhere cosy for another pint to warm up afterwards. What better way to break the ice with some other CitySocializers than to spend a night wandering around the town, waving fire crackers, dribbling ketchup from your hot dog down your winter coat and yelling ‘burn him!’ at the top of your lungs? Just make sure you explain things first to any non-native attendees or they might get a bit confused.

So dig out your wellies, don’t forget your woolly hat, earmuffs (if you don’t like loud bangs), some sparklers to share around like these ones …and get yourself down to one of these events:


This weekend there are fireworks displays all over London, North to South, East to West with the largest scale event happening in Blackheath on Saturday. This huge display attracts over 100,000 people with a funfair and food stalls galore. Get there nice and early to get a got spot. The display starts at 8pm. If you don’t fancy trekking across town, find out what’s happening in your area by checking out this handy Time Out London guide.


Not to be outdone, tens of thousands of people will be flocking to Roundhay Parkin Leeds to watch a fabulous free fireworks display at the weekend. The bonfire is lit at 7.30pm and the fireworks kick off at 8pm. Don’t miss it!


Brighton hosts the biggest display in Sussex, which is not to be sniffed at – check it out in Hove – Sussex County Cricket Ground, kicking off at 6pm with food stalls opening as well. If you’re feeling adventurous get yourself over to Lewes which boasts the oldest (and arguably the best) Guy Fawkes Night celebrations in the country. Simon from Brighton CitySocializer has already organised a Social for the event.


Heading out in Edinburgh? The Meadowbank Sports Centre hosts the city’s biggest public fireworks show, starting at 7.30pm. You’ll need tickets for this one, but we hear it’s worth it!


With plenty of local displays happening you’re really spoilt for choice if you live in Manchester and fancy catching some fireworks. The biggest and best display though, is at Heaton Park on Monday night complete with funfair, mulled wine, arts and crafts stalls and snacks with a ceremonial bonfire lighting at 8pm.


So let us know where you end up heading to, and have a fantastic night CitySocializers!

Images Courtesy of; Dale Harvey, Heather Buckley and RobSummers /Flickr

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