Things To Do: This Weeks New Bar & Restaurant Openings in Leeds, Brighton and Liverpool

Things to do

Tired of the same old haunts and in the mood to try something new? If you are in Leeds, Brighton or Liverpool we can offer you new exciting ventures (as long as you keep reading) and if you’re a Manc or a Landan’er click here for stuff that applies to you!


Harry’s Bar and Brasserie

Dish has left to make way for Harry’s Bar & Brasserie. The fact that it has only been open for less than a month and there are already multiple reviews on TripAdvisor (from people who have taken to the internet to sing its praises) is wildly impressive. They have live pianist every Friday and cinema club Sunday.

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The Pit

From pay-as-you-go Ping Pong to classic cocktails, what was the Heaven and Hell nightclub has changed dramatically. The Pit emerged after a 800,000 facelift and rose gloriously like Phoenix from the ashes.

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Sin City Bar

With a panache for champagne, rock music and the provocative, Sin City is what you wanted from a club but were too afraid to ask! It’s outrageous even for Brighton. After teaming up with some of Brighton’s best Promoters, DJ’s and Death or Glory Tattoo shop they aim to bring you nights like no other.

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Abandon Normal Devices

Invites you for a night of cinema, art and digital culture, that promises to be a memorable event. The night will look at society’s obsession with technology and explore where it might take us. October 3rd is the time and the Static Gallery the place.

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