Tips for Hosts: The Day After The Social

Tips for Hosts

After you host a social there are a few things you can do to make sure both you and your guests make the most of the experience you all had.

1. Review the social

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The first thing to do is go back to the social and leave a review. You will be able to write your notes about the venue as well as the social itself so that other people who come across it can know how it was, if they should consider doing something similar and get some ideas about what events are good. You should also ask the attendees to do the same, so  you can have some feedback about what your guests liked about the social or if they have any other recommendations. If they really liked the venue you can consider hosting more things there or find similar places to go to. Thank them for the feedback and make sure to keep up the good work

2. Post your photos

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Memories are great, but sometimes you just need something a little more tangible (and shareable). Take lots of photos at your social and then post them on the site to share them with the rest of your guests. You can then share them on social media so the rest of your friends can see what great time you had and maybe they will decide to join you next time too. The best photos will also be featured in our Gallery.

3. Add your guests to your network

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The best way to keep in touch with the people you met at your social is to add them to your friends network. To do that just click on the icon with the plus. Then you will be able to message them easily and invite them to any future socials you create or are going to. You can also wave at your guests or send them a message directly from the other two buttons.

4. Send compliments

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Send compliments to the people you met at your social. There are 9 compliments to choose from: Great Host, Cool, Generous, Kind, Funny, Brilliant, Crazy, Helpful, Sparky, and you can send up to two compliments to each guest per social.

5. Check attendances

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This is more of a technical matter, but basically you can mark the people who did not attend your social but forgot to cancel their place. They will get a notification about it so that they will remember next time. While at bigger events where a few people more or less do not make a big difference, when you have a small group or have to make a booking with the exact number of people, even a few no shows might make a difference so it’s important for people to know that they should cancel their place and let someone else book it instead.

6. Send us some feedback

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If there is something you would like to tell us about your social, comments on the venue, recommendations for future socials, or simply what you thought about the experience of hosting it you can use this button to send us your feedback. We will read that, take into account what you have said and get back to you if necessary. We want to keep improving our site and our service for you so your thoughts and ideas are very important to us.

7. Duplicate your social

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If your social got great reviews from everyone and you feel like you want to do it again you can use this feature to duplicate the social. This will take to the Create a social screen but with all the info filled in from the previous social, so you don’t need to write all the info from scratch. Just make sure you put in the correct date and you’re done. It’s particularly convenient if you like hosting recurring events, like after work drinks, sunday lunch, karaoke nights etc.

Keep these few tips in mind and you will be on your way to become an amazing host!

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