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Making friends might seem difficult at times; wouldn’t you like to know the easy way to make friends? Well, we went out and asked people for their best tips so we could bring you the best advice and make sure you can make friends as easily as possible.

The top tip that won by a landslide was to be yourself. People who meet you want to know the real you and that is the only way to know if you get along and if you’d make good friends. It takes time to get to know someone new but once you find things you have in common everything will be easier. You should never try to change for someone else, because then the friendship will not be based in honesty and eventually you will realise you do not get along. However, when you are confident in who you are and show your true self to other people you will naturally gravitate towards likeminded people and make friends with them.

When you find people you would like to make friends with, you should remember to be open and friendly. Do not be afraid to make the first move and don’t overthink it. Smiling helps a lot to show others how you are feeling and will make them feel at ease when you talk to them. Once you relax and treat people the way you want to be treated you can easily see who you get along well with and who you’d make good friends with.

Once you have made the first move, just find something to discuss and start a basic conversation. Giving someone a compliment and asking about something they are wearing are great ways to talk to someone new and it will make them like you from the beginning, because you said something nice about them and you have already made them feel good about themselves. There is no reason why they would not want to make friends with someone who makes them feel good.

You can also try to be funny and see how they respond. Having a similar sense of humour is quite important to most people when they meet new friends, so checking if you find the same things funny will show you if you’d get along as friends right from the start. On top of that, laughing together is a great way to make friends with them because you will know that spending time together will be fun so you will want to see each other more.

Some people we spoke to told us they feel like people are sometimes afraid to approach them and even though they would love to make friends with more people they feel like nobody tries to be friends with them. This made us think that sometimes someone might look more reserved and you may not realise they are actually a lovely person once you get to know them. It is then important to be open minded and not judge people before you give them a chance. Talk to as many people as possible and find out what they are like. You have nothing to lose by trying and you might end up making a new friend in the end, when you did not expect to.

Actions are a great way to show people the kind of person you are and make them want to be friends with you. If you see someone who needs help, offer to help them and they are sure to appreciate that about you. Be honest about your thoughts and feelings and show others that they can trust you and depend on you. This is something most people are looking for in a friendship so showing them who you really are will help you make friends with more people.

Finally, doing an activity together, like playing a sport or eating food together is a great way to make friends because you will end up meeting people with similar interests through that activity. Look for classes and groups doing your favourite hobbies and join them. You will spend your time doing something you love and making friends with other likeminded people. Search for meet ups and social groups around your area and discuss your interests with people you meet to discover what you might have in common.

If you’re not sure where to start but you would love to make friends with new people, citysocializer is a good option for you. There is a range of activities to choose from and lots of new people who also want to make friends, so you can either join a social or start messaging people and getting to know them.


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