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 There is something about the beginning of autumn and the back to school season that makes us want to try something new. Of course, learning new things is always much better with friends, so when you can combine a fun workshop with making new friends you have a winning combination. We had a look through dozens of workshops and picked our top 10 classes in London, where you can have fun learning new things and making friends.


Sushi & Cocktail Masterclass

If you always wanted to impress your friends and family with your knowledge of the history of sushi while they enjoy a selection of homemade sushi that you have prepared yourself, topped off with delicious cocktails that match the flavours of your creations perfectly, then this is what you have been looking for.


Sunday Brunch Club

Learn how to poach eggs like a pro and create your own hollandaise sauce while enjoying bloody marys to cure the hangover from the night before. You will share the best breakfast ever with your fellow breakfast buddies go home feeling smug with all your newfound breakfast fare know how.


World Wine Tasting & Lunch

Spend your Saturday immersed in fine wines with your friends. Enjoy tasting a selection of 16 different wines from around the world, learning how to match them with food and tell different varieties apart. Then top the day off with a delicious three course meal.


Molecular Gastronony: Tapas

Molecular gastronomy, the cooking style that uses state-of-the-art science equipment and a range of ingredients from the food industry to blend physics and chemistry, is here to transform the tastes and textures of tapas and teach you exactly how it’s done.


Candy Making

Candy is designed to be fun and this workshop proves it by inviting you to make a face out of candy. Enjoy a glass of prosecco while you learn the science behind confectionery, take part in a flavour smelling session and try your hand at making your own candy faces.


Street Photography

Take a look at the history of street photography before taking to the streets to practice your skills, under the guidance of an experienced tutor. You will then have the chance to return to the classroom, show off your photos and discuss them with your fellow classmates.


Cocktail Masterclass

This incredibly hands-on experience will teach you the basics of mixology. You will create 4 cocktails with the help of award winning tutors and take part in a small cocktail competition, where you will be able to create your own unique recipe and win prizes for it.


Create Flower Arrangements

In this wonderful evening of tea, cake, prosecco and flowers you will learn about seasonal flower varieties and how to pick, care for and arrange your blooms, then leave the class with your own beautiful bespoke bouquet to take home.


Paint Starry Night: London Edition

 Think you could do better than Van Gogh at painting this iconic masterpiece? You now have the chance to create your own version, incorporating London’s skyline in your work while having a drink to stay true to the authentic artist image.


Life Drawing With Bella Franks

Try your hand at life drawing in a friendly environment while enjoying a glass of prosecco. You will have the chance to learn more about drawing live models and have some cake and a chat with your fellow artists during the break.

That is 10 brilliant social ideas right here. You can pick something you are interested in and go with your citysocializer friends for a fun hands on day or night out.

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