Why You Should Keep Watching The World Cup!

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We already are half way through the World Cup and we have seen some quality football. As the teams progress to the next stages the tension is building up and soon we will be holding our breaths watching the big final that will determine the world champions.

Despite the fact that England is out of the championship, we sincerely believe that watching the world cup now can actually be more fun than before. Here’s why:

1. You can finally root for a country based on merit and not because it’s your own.

2. It’s a great way to work on your flag/country knowledge.

3. There may be more memorable moments like Suarez’s bite. Despite the fact that he is not allowed to play for a while now, you never know when the next player will feel a bit peckish. You don’t want to wait for the news to find out. On that note, it may be worth having a look at all the Suarez memes. They are hilarious. We created our own as well.


4. People-watching. If you live in London, there are so many people from other countries and nothing beats watching them scream at the tv in any and every language possible. You may even pick up a couple foreign words. Just make sure never to repeat them again, because chances are they won’t be very polite.

5. Let’s be fair. The world cup is a great event. And it’s only once every four years. Like the olympics, but with better football. You definitely don’t want to miss it!

Now, we know what you are asking yourselves. Where can I watch the World Cup in London? Don’t worry, we have already thought of that and planned some amazing events for you.

Our World Cup Parties so far have been a huge success, so we decided to top everything up with a big one. Get excited!

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Put on your football shirts, grab your flags, face paint and vuvuzelas and let’s all celebrate the World Cup with one last epic party!

Join us in Central London for our World Cup Final event and find out who the best football team in the world is.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let us know which team you think will win the World Cup. We think Brazil or Argentina.

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