What not to say when you meet people in Bristol

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When you meet people in Bristol there are some things you should keep in mind so that you don’t offend anybody. Bristolians are lovely friendly people but there are still a few things that will certainly annoy them.

1. Do you drink anything other than cider?

Of course not. And you’d better start drinking cider too if you plan to live here.

2. Do you live in a farm?

Yes we all live in a farm. Now excuse me I have to go milk my cow to make some coffee.

3. Why did you thank the bus driver?

Because it’s the polite thing to do. Why didn’t you thank him? That was so rude.

4. Do you know Banksy?

We know of Banksy because he is a Bristol treasure but his identity is still a secret. Yes, from everyone, we’re not in a conspiracy to keep his name to ourselves.

5. Someone should clean up all that graffiti

Do you even understand art? Street art makes our city beautiful and unique. Don’t badmouth it.

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6. You protest too much

We’re passionate about the causes we believe in. Protesting is a way of life.

7. Hot air balloons are overrated

We are very sorry you are unable to appreciate the beauty of hundreds of colourful balloons in the sky. That one’s on you.

8. You sound like Vicky Pollard?

We sound like Bristolians. You should probably get used to the accent.

9. London Zoo is better

No it is not. End of story.

That’s it. If you just avoid these mishaps you should be perfectly fine living in Bristol and meeting new people.


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