What not to say when you meet people in Manchester

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Manchester people are lovely. Friendly and always up for a chat anywhere you may be. However, it’s best to avoid saying certain things because you really don’t want to piss them off.

1. Why are you putting gravy on that?

Because it tastes better. Why are you not putting gravy on that?

2. Beer here is so cheap!

Beer is reasonable priced, like it should. Keep your overpriced hipster brews down south.

3. I bet you can drink a lot

 Are you calling me an alcoholic?

4. Isn’t Birmingham the second city?

You did not just say that.. Manchester is clearly the superior city.

5. I prefer the South

Then go back to it immediately.

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6. City or United?

 I feel like you’re just asking to start an argument here.

7. Are you a hooligan?

This is not a movie. I just like football.

8. Your accent is funny. Let me try it.

Please stop making fun of the way I speak. This is how we talk here, get used to it and don’t be rude.

9. So it rains here a lot?

Actually no it doesn’t rain as much as other UK cities. Get your facts straight.

Keep these in mind when you meet people in Manchester. You want to make new friends, not get chased by an angry mob.


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