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There are a lot of things people look for when they want to find friends for life, qualities that are important in a new friendship. We went out on the street and asked people what the most important qualities were for them when they find friends and were happy to hear that most people picked similar things for their new friends. Since most people are looking for the same qualities in their new friends, this means it can be quite easy to find friends for life.

Loyalty and trust were by far the most sought after qualities for people when they find friends. Having someone you can depend on and be yourself around is very important in a friendship. Friends are there for you when you have a problem you need help with and they are there to celebrate with you when you succeed in life. Being able to have somebody to call any time and be open about anything you’re thinking or worried about means that you do not ever need to feel alone and there will always be someone to support you.

Honesty was also very important to most people when they find new friends. Most people were aware that people can have hidden motives and they pointed out that they did not need any friends like that. Having an honest friend means you can trust them when they advise you and know that they always have your best interests at heart since they will not hesitate to tell you what they are thinking. Most people said they also want their friends to be caring, kind and supportive so they know they can turn to them when they need them the most and have someone to make them feel better when they need support.

On the other side of the scale, finding friends you enjoy spending time with was also very important for most people. Meeting people who are funny and have the same sense of humour was something most people were looking for so they have cave fun together with their new friends. Having the same personality and interests is always an advantage because then you have more chances to understand each other’s humour and be better friends.

Something we did not expect people to be looking for when they find friends is someone inspiring. However, several people pointed out that your friends can motivate you and make you a better person so finding friends who are already hardworking, determined and strive for self improvement is important because they can also encourage you to be the best version of yourself. When your friends are intelligent and focused they can help you with your own life goals too and be by your side to motivate you when you are not sure what to do.

On top of all these qualities, everybody pointed out that a good first impression is quite important when they meet new friends. Most people tend to look for people who are easily approachable, open and nice when they look to find friends, to avoid any awkwardness and seeing someone smile will encourage them to go up to them and start a conversation since it’s a good sign they will be friendly. Once the conversation starts, if the new person is respectful and they seem to click they are happy to become friends and arrange to meet up and hang out again in the future.

Everybody we talked to said they would never stop looking to find friends for life, because you can never have enough friends and every new friend you meet  is a chance to improve yourself and broaden your horizons. Once you are open and friendly towards others, they will reciprocate and be friendly towards you so all you need to do is treat others the way you want to be treated and you will find friends wherever you are.

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