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Ever wondered where the best places to socialise are? Islington is one of London’s top social hotspots, due to its great variety of restaurants, bars, cafes and shops, allowing the area to be bustling with people day and night. We’ve picked a few hotspots in Islington where you can relax and enjoy your time with friends…


Maison d’etre

Just next to Highbury & Islington Tube Station, Maison d’etre is the perfect place to catch up with friends. Speciality hot drinks and breakfasts make this luxury coffee house stand out. Whether you’re looking for an authentic Italian espresso or a tasty brunch, this great little place has something for you. Everything is on the menu here, from Smoked Salmon & Lemon Ricotta Toast to Prosciutto Cotto & Cheddar Croissants – so come with an empty stomach! The decor in here is simple and rustic, making for a peaceful atmosphere where you can chill out. So if you’re hoping to grab some great food in a relaxing environment, Maison d’etre is the place for you.


The Four Sisters Bar

 If you’re looking for something a little more upbeat, try out the Four Sisters Bar on Canonbury Lane. This popular spot is always full of party-goers, which makes it a fun and sociable place to be. However, the biggest attraction here is the fantastic array of cocktails. The talented bar staff always put on a great show when they’re mixing the drinks. They cater for every palette, from classic Mojitos to their own famous signature cocktails. You can sometimes wait a little longer here for your drinks, but it’s definitely worth it!


Bread & Bean 

This chic little café on Junction Road in Archway is a big hit with the locals and it’s easy to see why. Novel decor, great speciality coffee and tasty sandwiches make it one of the best cafés in North London. The vibe in here is also very relaxed and sociable, making it an ideal place to hang out with friends. If you have a sweet tooth, the desserts on offer are not to be missed. The beautiful display of cupcakes, brownies and flapjacks is very difficult to resist! This eatery is also famous for unique cake recipes, such as chocolate & guinness cake and olive oil & vegetable cake.


Gallipoli Cafe

Why not try something different by taking your friends to an authentic Turkish restaurant? The Gallipoli Cafe is a fantastic bistro situated in the middle of Upper Street, and it really brings the taste of Turkey to North London. The menu here is fantastic and varied, from beautiful mezes to fresh seafood, so all of your friends will enjoy it. As well as boasting a great menu, the atmosphere is always fun and exciting – even Turkish belly-dancers come out for special events and weekends! If you’re hoping to try something a little fun and different with your friends, visit the Gallipoli Cafe and you’ll be talking about it for a long time to come.


The Albion

 This hidden gem serves up some of the best cuisine and real ales in North London. Situated at the end of Thornhill Road, the pub is just a 15-minute walk from Highbury & Islington Tube Station. When the weather is right, the picturesque beer garden is bustling. When the weather is a little dull, the atmosphere inside the pub is still warm and friendly as everyone huddles around the open fires. Tasty gastropub burgers and pies are also on offer here, not to mention the premium wines and beers you’d expect in any good pub.


The Breakfast Club

Situated in the middle of Camden Passage is one of the famous Breakfast Club cafes. Whether you’re hoping to enjoy a relaxing hour with your friends and a hot chocolate, or if you want to tuck in to a huge meal, the Breakfast Club has something for you. The food here is famous for being tasty and New York-themed.

 Experience the Best of Islington

Whether you’re a night owl or a morning coffee kind of person, Islington has something to offer everyone. Have you been to a great place in Islington that we haven’t mentioned? We want to hear from you – Tweet citysocializer and Essential Living and tell us about your favourite hotspot!


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