Why Manchester Is Brilliant For Meeting People

Fun Facts

Manchester is brilliant for meeting people. It’s a great city with lots of things to do and a place where you can find likeminded friends no matter what you’re interested in. The best things about Manchester though is its people.

1. Honesty

People in Manchester will always tell you what they’re thinking. They are very big about saying things like they are so you always know where you stand. It’s very refreshing knowing that your new friends will be straightforward and honest, especially when you need a friend’s advice.

2. Passion

Mancunians are very passionate people and they love expressing that in everything they do. Be it their favourite music or their preferred football team, you will never find the people in Manchester to be dull or boring.

3. Great Taste

Manchester is home to some amazing bands and a hub for artists (and some hipsters). Meeting people in Manchester is a great way to discover new things you never knew you liked. Than includes putting gravy on chips, because it’s just better that way. Trust us.

4. Amazing Nights Out

When you’re meeting people in Manchester you are guaranteed to have a brilliant time going out. Drinking and dancing until late, Manchester is the place to be if you love having a group of good friends to go out with and enjoy the city’s nightlife.

If you’ve just moved to Manchester and don’t know how to go about meeting people, just go for it. Talk to strangers in the street, the metro or the local pubs. You’re going to have some great friends in no time. And if you want to start going out immediately, there are some great socials on citysocializer to go to.


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