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London has firmly made its mark as one of the most popular destinations for people to find new opportunities to work and live. Spanish, Italian, French… people across the globe decide to leave their native home and embark on a new adventure. But everybody knows all too well that it can take time to get used to London’s hectic transport system. One of the most important parts of living in London is how to manage your travel in the city:

1. London transport is VERY EXPENSIVE. A standard metro ticket costs £ 4.80 and standard bus ticket £2.40. (Also, the fares rises every year in January)

 2. It is ESSENTIAL to buy an OYSTER CARD. An Oyster Card you will help you SAVE MONEY AND TIME.

 3. The London Underground has 13 lines ranging from the centre to the outskirts, EASY to identify without ANY COMPLICATIONS.

 4. There is a HUGE NUMBER of people who take public transport to go to work EVERYDAY.

 5. Although it is very BUSY, tubes come every one or two minutes, so London transport is VERY FAST AND PUNCTUAL.

Once you have learnt the basics of London’s public transport, you might ask yourself what you can do to make it better. For all you guys who have come to London to work long-term and have to take the underground as part of your commute, you should know there are ways to help you save money on travel and make your stay in London all the more relaxing.

The best one is to join CommuterClub. CommuterClub offers a chance to buy affordable Annual Travelcards but still spread the upfront cost into monthly payments. Standard annual tickets from Transport for London (TfL) offer consumers discounts of between 10-30% versus purchasing weekly or monthly tickets, but TfL will charge you upwards of £1,000, putting them beyond the reach of many consumers. For this reason, CommuterClub provides you with a simple and transparent monthly payment plan with no hidden fees. Take a look at the savings!

Want to find out more? Get in touch and send us an email at info@commuterclub.co.uk


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Remember, if you want to save money and a hassle free commute, CommuterClub won’t disappoint you!

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