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Great news citysocializers; we have transformed your profile pages, making them not only look awesome but also more useful for you when you browse people to add to your network. There have been a number of changes, added features and new ways to get to know what the people you see are like, all of which you can see in our handy gif below and further down in this post.


New Banners

While your profile photo shows what you look like, adding a banner image is a great way to show what you love to the world. It can be a photo from your last holiday, your pet, a great night out you want to remember or something else that expresses who you really are. With it being at the top of your profile, it’s the first impression of you that other members will have, so make it awesome and make it count.

About Me & Interests

You’ll recognise this information from before, however we’ve given this section a new look to make it more eye catching so that people can easily find out a bit more about you, where you come from, what you do and some of your hobbies and interests.


All the Badges you have won by joining and hosting socials, adding friends to your network and posting photos at your socials are here for you to show off your achievements. The more active you are on citysocializer, the higher badge levels you will have to display.


Your photos are now separated in two albums, Profile Photos and Social Photos, so you can easily access the photos you’d like to browse. This makes it super easy to see what the social your friends have attended were like. Keep in mind that to add Social Photos you need to post them in the chat of that specific social.


Our most recent feature, the Compliments that you receive and give to other guests after attending a social together, are getting a prominent feature on your profile, making it easy to see what other members think of you and also get a general idea of what your other friends are like. See who is kind, cool, funny or generous just by having a look at the compliments they have received.


Your network now looks better, with bigger and cleared photos of your friends.


We redesigned the socials to make it easier for you to filter through your own and other members’ socials and choose whether you want to see all, future, past or hosted socials by that member, right from the main profile page.


Your top reviews of the socials you have attended are now visible on your profile, so it’s easy for you to remember what you thought and for other members to see what kinds of socials you like.

Ready to try this out and customise your profile?


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